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1. Jump off something really high,

2. Throw a Grenade right next to you,

3. Get in a ship and crash it,

4. Sometimes glitches can can kill you,

5. Walk to an enemy command post all by yourself.

and that's it.


why ask something so simple like that when you can find out yourself.

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Q: How do you kill yourselve in Star Wars Battlefront 2?
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How do you kill the Jedi and siths in star wars battlefront ps2?

shoot them

How do you kill lots of people at once on Star Wars Battlefront?

Use a tank or Grenade or Bazooka

How do you do be a droideka on Star Wars battlefront?

You have to kill enough enemies, or get enough points to unlock blacked out characters hope this helps :)

Can you unlock the clone cammandos on Star Wars battlefront ii?

You need to kill some many people and get points to unlock him.

How do you kill a jedi in Star Wars battle front?

In Star Wars: Battlefront, the only way to kill a Jedi or sith is to either: (A) run them over with a speeder bike (STAPs don't work); (B) land on them with a starfighter; or (C), if on a map like Bespin Platforms, use a land mine and explode them off into the clouds. In Star Wars: Battlefront II, the best way to kill a Jedi is with the shotgun. With a regular blaster rifle, they can deflect every shot. But with a shotgun, where the shot spreads, it is impossible to deflect every shot.

How do you get points in Star Wars Battlefront II?

just kill enemies to get points and 1 kill =1 point. also capturing flags or getting headshots gets more than 1 point a kill

What does geardian mean on Star Wars Battlefront 2?

I believe you mean "Guardian" This means you have gotten 12 points in one life (1 point for a kill and multiple for tanks and misc)

How do you kill Lord Vader in Star Wars Battlefront?

In Battlefront, it is very difficult to kill Jedi/Sith Heroes, but it can be done. The most practical ways are to either land a space craft on top of them or run them over with Speeder bikes. Additionally if there are platforms grenades and rockets can cause them to fall to their deaths. And additionally, your own Jedi Hero may also be able to defeat them.

I have Star Wars Battlefront 2 and in hunt mode i play as the tuskens. the jawas shock me and kill most of my team. can you please tell me how to beat them?

You have to keep your distance and it's also good to group up with other tuskens

How do you kill at-at on star wars the clone wars?

Shoot it i said shoot it

How do you unlock a lightsaber for a weapon in Star Wars Battlefront Elite Squadron?

you have to beat the game <----- Incorrect! Sorry my friend, I have in fact beat the game (more than once). I "think" that you must kill a certain ammount of people. Its a hack.

What type of soldiers do you have in Star Wars Battlefront 2?

You get the normal troopers and droids, but if you kill enough of the opposite team's players you can unlock jedi mode, which will allow you to be a jedi until you die. You also unlock better characters with the more people you kill. Such as, you can be commander if you kill enough of the other team. Or droideka on the droid side.