How do you join optic gaming?

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2011-02-23 04:50:18

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You can only get invited in by having a very successful YouTube and be a very talented gamer.

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2011-02-23 04:50:18
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Q: How do you join optic gaming?
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Is zzirGrizz in Optic Gaming?

no he is not on optic. optic isnt good

Who is the best in optic gaming?


How old do you have to be to join optic nation?

There is no certain age that you have to be to join OpTic.

What is optic midnite?

OpTic MiDNiTE is not a what. She's a who. OpTic MiDNiTE is a member of OpTic Gaming. She is a female gamer who is interested in both sexes (boy and girl).

How do you become part of optic gaming on ps3?

be an amazing gamer

What is the blinded spot?

the place where all nerve from the retina join from the optic nerve

How old do you have to be to get into optic gaming?

Well I just think 15 or over since Call Of Duty is feted MA 15+

How do you join the optic clan on xbox live?

You cannot add any OpTic Unless your in the OpTic or FaZe Clan. You should get well known with the clan before consider joining. The OpTic clan or whatever does not have any copyright of the name so you can add whatever name on your gamertag, including OpTic or FaZe.

What's the best broadband service for gaming?

If you are in an area where you can get it then the best you can get is a fiber optic line. If that is not an option then do with broad band DSL. Satellite is still not reliable.

Is there a black ops PS3 clan that i can join.. I'm very good an online a lot thanks?

Join OpTic...its the best sniping and all around clan my opinion

What is all the optic members on mw2 name?

i dont know all of the optics in mw2 but i do know some boys optic girls optic optic h3cz optic midnite optic predator optic cailgirl optic call991 dont forget optic nadeshot optic apostle optic fwiz optic jewel optic jkap

How do you join in a Counter-Strike 1.6 clan?

Try going to a website or asking an admin. There are plenty of clans that could accept you. There are also multi-gaming clans you can join.

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