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Another person says gaming.

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Q: What is your favorite form of entertainment on the internet videos gaming music or pointless browsing?
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List of uses of internet?

emailing Chatting Browsing Downloading Doing online jobs Entertainment Getting information etc

What is everything you can do on an iPad?

You can use IPad for gaming, browsing Internet, email management, personal productivity such as photo album, work presentation and entertainment.

What Internet protocol do you use the most when browsing websites?

Common Internet Protocol for browsing is TCP/IP.

What is the definition of surfing in internet?

A process to explore the web on the internet through random browsing is called browsing.

What can you do with a PC?

you can surf the internet. :>

What is a common name for browsing the internet?

"Surfing the web" or "web browsing" or "Google it"

What is the best computer for browsing the internet and reading email?

Any computer is good for browsing the internet and reading emails, as long as you have connection to the internet. I browse the internet and read emails with my laptop.

Which cell phones have the best internet browsing experience?

I would have to say that the two phones with the best internet browsing are the iPhone 3gs, and the Motorola Droid. They both have fast browsers and it's quite enjoyable browsing the internet with them. -CuteKitty

How can you improve your w375 Internet browsing?

There is no such specific way to improve internet browsing i your Motorola w375. It depends on factors like network strength, internet speed provided by your carrier. Number of programs running in background if using internet. Web browser you are using in surfing. Suggest opera mini for speedy internet surfing & browsing.

What is the use of a browser?

Well, an Internet Browser is used for what it says. Browsing the internet.

What is the best phone for Internet Browsing on AT and T?


If you're not careful about your Internet browsing can result?