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Q: How do you get to Doctor Who Trailer Maker?
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Why doesn't the Doctor Who trailer maker work?

Well if you aren't inside of like, Great Britain or whichever country runs BBC, you won't be able to use the trailer maker. Yes, I know it stinks.

Can you use series 5 clips in the doctor who trailer maker?

No you cant it only goes up to Planet of the dead.

When was Doctor Who campfire trailer created?

Doctor Who campfire trailer was created on 2008-03-22.

How do you get the year made from serial number on a superior flat bed trailer?

Call the maker

What is the weird face at the end of the new doctor who trailer?

That was a Silurian.

What is the name of the new Doctor Who trailer music?

the music for the 2nd or 3rd trailer is down the rabbit hole. by Murray gold.

What is the song used in the trailer for the imaginarium of doctor parnassus?

oddesy x ray dogs

What is docter who's real name?

Doctor who real name is ........ Paul maker

What is the song used in the Private Practice trailer on Living T.V May 2009?

Achilles heel by toploader and the other one is Bad case of loving you (doctor, doctor) by Robert palmer.

When will the waters of mars be shown?

The BBC have just recently released a trailer for The next Doctor who episode 'The Waters of Mars,' and at the very end of the trailer, it said it would be shown on tv for the first time on the 15th of November 2009.

Is there any sites what show you how to draw Doctor Who characters?

There are no sites that show you how to draw Doctor Who characters, but if you go on the Doctor Who official website ( and then onto comic maker, there are drawn images there. Maybe you could copy them?

What is the Music in the Doctor Who Series 4 Mid Series Trailer Its not Murry golds coz it was used in Britains got talent. What is it?