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Q: How do you get blacks out of my neighborhood?
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Is there a neighborhood anywhere that was improved when blacks moved in?

Yes, it's called Harlem; its on Manhattan Island in New York City.

What is the meaning integral?

To integrate things is to blend them together. Back in the 1960s, integrating neighborhoods meant that blacks moved into white neighborhoods. Today, with many cultures in every neighborhood, we say that a neighborhood is "diverse," rather than "integrated."

How economic condition influence the organization?

This fact sheet summarizes a study examining the variation of the intake of fruits and vegetables for blacks, whites, and Mexican Americans, in addition to the relationship between neighborhood socioeconomic status and this intake.

What are common phrases using the word neighborhood?

neighborhood watchneighborhood kidsIt's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. (Mr. Rogers)neighborhood block partyIt's in the neighborhood.

What is neighborhood garden?

A Garden that is in a neighborhood.

What neighborhood is Rick Ross from?

He is the neighborhood.

What was the effect of Jim crows laws?

they segregated blacks and whites.

What part of speech is neighborhood?

Neighborhood is a noun.

Is neighborhood a collective noun?

No, the noun 'neighborhood' is not a standard collective noun, however, any noun that suits the circumstances can function as a collective noun; for example a neighborhood of artists, a neighborhood of shops, a neighborhood of immigrants, etc.

What is wrong with blacks?

there is nothing wron with blacks

What are ten sentences that can be put about a neighborhood?

The neighborhood is quiet this evening.There's a small park in our neighborhood.The neighborhood gossip will have fun with this situation.We live in the same neighborhood.These carrots came from the neighborhood garden.This is a good neighborhood for bike riding.There is a trash pick up twice a week in this neighborhood.The neighborhood block party is this weekend.Which neighborhood has the best elementary school?I've been asked to join the neighborhood watch.

Can you give me a sentence using neighborhood?

my neighborhood is small