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Go online. There are websites devoted to matching people with similar fetishes (such as, to name one of the most prominent) if that is what you want. There are also sites of lifestyle dominatrixes and services who train and place sissy maids. There may even be someone local. But beware, many advertised "domes" are just providing brief fantasy service. You'll want to research their sites and chat with them about your desires to ensure you are getting someone who is committed to this as a lifestyle and can help introduce you to it.

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Q: How do you get a job as a sissy maid?
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Hi, I am a sissy submissive TG maid and live in Southern NH. I would gladly help in Framingham. Please feel free to write with your requirements to: Best wishes, Maid Ingrid

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Sissy is a state of being not a job. You don't get "time off" from being a sissy, because you can't get time off from being yourself. However, if you are living openly as a sissy, you can get "time-off" from the lifestyle by concealing your sissy nature from people. For instance, some men who live quite openly as sissies tone it down and act the part when they visit parents, etc. to preserve harmony. Others keep their sissy nature quite private for professional or work reasons. If the sissy is fortunate enough to have a job in which they can be their sissy self at work, then they naturally get the same time-off as anyone else does from the same work - but not from being a sissy since that is not the work itself. If the sissy you are imagining is not just a sissy, but also a "slave" or engaged in some other sort of BDSM lifestyle domestic servitude, then their entitlement to a "night off" from their servant role and chores is completely dependent on the understanding between said sissy and their dominant, as it would be for any sub, sissy or not.

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What is a sissy maid?

A "sissy maid" is a cross-dressed submissive male engaged in what is sometimes called "domestic service" fetish play. Typically, the male dresses in the stereotypical (sometimes to the point of parody) style of a maid or other female domestic servant from a Western country circa late 18th to early 20th century. The subject's masculinity and their status as an equal of their fellows is thus simultaneously belittled. (Hence "sissy" and "maid.") Fetish scenes usually involve actual domestic work (such as cooking, table service, and cleaning) and often personal grooming services (such as pedicures, running baths, brushing hair, laying out clothes). The "sissy maid" is directed in these activities by their play partner, (commonly a female, but sometimes another male) who takes the role of employer/owner ("Mistress" or "Master," now archaic titles that are contemporaneous with the historic costume of the maid). Various verbal and physical humiliations are usually layered on top of the demeaning implications of the work and dress. It is not unusual for some sexual activity to also take place, although there are situations in which the sexually charged cross-dressing and fetish submission is all that occurs between the two people. "Domestic service" is frequently combined by couples with other forms of BDSM activity. As with any other fetish activity, there is a wide variety of commitment, from married couples who just talk about it as fantasy in the bedroom to people who publicly live their fetish lifestyle - and their fantasy of being a "sissy maid" - 24/7/365.

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