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Sissy is a state of being not a job. You don't get "time off" from being a sissy, because you can't get time off from being yourself. However, if you are living openly as a sissy, you can get "time-off" from the lifestyle by concealing your sissy nature from people. For instance, some men who live quite openly as sissies tone it down and act the part when they visit parents, etc. to preserve harmony. Others keep their sissy nature quite private for professional or work reasons.

If the sissy is fortunate enough to have a job in which they can be their sissy self at work, then they naturally get the same time-off as anyone else does from the same work - but not from being a sissy since that is not the work itself. If the sissy you are imagining is not just a sissy, but also a "slave" or engaged in some other sort of BDSM lifestyle domestic servitude, then their entitlement to a "night off" from their servant role and chores is completely dependent on the understanding between said sissy and their dominant, as it would be for any sub, sissy or not.

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Q: Does a sissy get a night off?
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