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CD Songs Onto PSP

Get a CD And put to the Computer and go to iTunes and there you have your CD on it and go to edit Select All and And go to file and go to new Folder and type what is Your Cd Is and if it is done Download on itunes just drag it to your Folder and have Your psp and USB Plug and Turn on your psp And Click USB Connection And go to Psp folder and go to your music folder and go to file New folder and type your Cd in and Go to itunes And Drag it to your Folder On your psp folder Music and there you have it on your psp Enjoy

i'm not

sure about the new one but you definetly can put music on the old one

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To get songs on your PS3 first put them on a USB memory stick. Plug in the memory stick then in the XMB go to Music and select your USB memory stick. Select all the files you want to copy to your PS3 then select copy to HDD. Your songs will now be on your PS3.

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You must move it to a USB drive and then use the USB to download to the PS3 harddrive

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Go To Music Choose The Song U Want And Click The Triangle Button go to Copy

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Q: How do you download music to a mp3 player from a ps3?
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How do you transfer music from a ps3 to an eclipse mp3 player?

Music can be transfered from a PS3 to an eclipse mp3 player by transfering your music via USB to your computer, and from the computer via USB to your eclipse mp3 player.

How do you download songs to Guitar Hero 3 from an MP3 player?

im not sure if ur able to download songs to ur ps3 from ur mp3. but if ur able to go online on ur ps3 then go to the playstation store and download them of that.

Can you download songs on a MP3 using the PS3 if you have the Eclipse MP3?


How do you get free music on your nook?

get your ipod and hook it up to your ps3.Then download the music you want to your ps3 from your ipod.Then hook up your nook to your ps3 and download the music to your nook.

How do you transfer music from PS3 hard drive to mp3 player?

Plug in the MP3 into the PS3 and if the PS recognizes it just copy the files for the HDD to the MP3 player

How do you put music on svr 2010?

well if you have an xbox you can put a disc inside with music and it will be on your playlist or you can use your mp3 player i not sure if this works for ps2 or ps3 or wii

How do you get music from PS3 to blackberry?

USB connection to the blackberry then download from your music off PS3 harddrive

How do you download music from ps3 to iPod touch?

you cant

How do you download disc to Playstation 3?

The PS3 does not download discs. You might use a USB to move a video or music to the PS3

Can you download a media player on PS3?


How do you download music onto your PS3 or xbox 360?

go to music marketplace

Can you download WWE entrance themes on WWE smackdown 2011?

you can download mp3 files from websites for 2011 on the ps3 xbox and maybe on the wii and psp you cant on the ps2 however i have the game on the ps3 and ps2