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well i know them i did your chidori will be white

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Q: How do you do the chidori hand sighns?
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Does Sasuke use chidori in right hand?

yes because when he does chidori he uses his left hand That's true, but when he writes and fights he use his right hand to to fight with the kanata... xD

How do you get Chidori and Rasengan for pivot animator?

You download them from google

What is the difference between raikiri and chidori?

chidori is an A-rank lightning ninjutsu developed by kakashi raikiri is a S-rank lightning ninjutsu which is based on chidori and lasts longer

What is the difference between chidori and lightning blade?

Yes, because in the Chunin Exam, Guy explained to Sakura, Choji and Ino that chidori and lightning blade same when Sasuke used it against Gaara.

Which Justsu in NARUTO is more powerful Chidori or Rasengan and.......Why?

my way of explaining dis is short chidori u have to have a great amount of speed so it is strong if u just use it nd hit someone its rly minor on the other hand rasengan doesnt rly need speed u can just use it XD AND THE DAMAGE WILL BE EXTREMELY POWERFULIt depends who is using which technique, and how well that person knows how to use it.Hi Friends,First of all rank of both of the justsu is 'A'. Now as we know that rasengan is the ultimate form of the Shape manipulation without any Nature element chakra mixed, whareas chidori was developed by kakashi to overcome this limitation of rasengan by mixing his chakra with his light element chakra. But the important point that should be noted here i that chidori is not the uses the ultimate form of shape manipulation.Also as once jiraya told to naruto that he will teach him a technique that is more powerful than chidori. As it can been seen that rasengan is a technique that covers a larger area for destrution and also throws the victim far way if used properly and forcefully, while chidori covers only the area where it is hit. Thus if the purpose is of the direct killing of the enemy in one hit as that of the sword then chidori helps, but if the aim is for maximum destruction of most of the body parts then rasengan is very useful.Also in naruto series it has been shown that when sasuke and naruto fights on hospital's terrace then, rasengan does more damage to the water tank than chidori which makes sasuke feel jealous of naruto.Also one should take into consideration that chidori is complete, so if the complete form of rasengan is comapred with chidori i.e. Rasen Shuriken then there is no doubt that chidori is many times weaker than rasen shuriken. Also rasen shuriken has even more advantage over chidori as wind element is stronger than lightning.Also the rank of Rasen Shuriken is not known. It is greater than that of 'S' rank.Time to conclude - Rasengan is stronger than chidori in many ways.Enjoy Naruto Series

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What are the hand seal combinations for chidori current?

chidori hand signs the use presure.

What is chidori?

in naruto sasuke uchiha is taught by kakashi hatake what a chidori is the answer is a dense and very powerful electricity on your hand

What is stronger 8 trigrams 64 palms or chidori?

chidori is stronger because chidori has the power to drive insted of staying still and its force comes from the hand which hits harder

How can you add special effects to your video like lets say you want to add chidori t your hands in the video how do you do this please help thank you.?

use adobe after afects and create a chidori animation an put it near your hand. use adobe after afects and create a chidori animation an put it near your hand. use adobe after afects and make a chidori animation and put it in your hand.

What are gang hand signs?

GaNG haNd sIghNS Or sIgNaLs wItH NoNe sPeech tO KnOw wHaT U R Or What u rEpReaSeNt

How can you do chidory?

I only know Chidori lv.3 but i can give you the hand signs. Dog, Ox then Hare ( Rabbit). for chidori level 1 is dragon, hare, ox then toad.

Why Sasuke us chidori right handed?

He doesn't; it's his left arm (or hand).

How many chidoris are in Naruto?

There are 5 they are Double-handed chidori, Curse mark Chidori, Black Chidori, Chidori 1000 birds, Chidori Stream (Shippuden)

How do you perform chidori in real life?

just do these hand seals and concentrate. ox-rabbit and monkey

What is Chidori at maximum power?

Chidori remains Chidori. even if it becomes more powerful. maybe you mean the Dark Chidori Sasuke uses on Naruto in their battle in the Valley of the End. In that case, Sasuke creates a Dark Chidori (suggested name: Yami Chidori), which is stronger then the regular Chidori.

What is portend?

To indicate with sighns.

Witch handed Sasuke is?

He's ambidextrous, but he uses his left hand for the chidori since his left hand has lightning chakra as it's element.