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winx club do you believix how to play with aisha game

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Q: How do you do in aisha's game in do you believix?
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How do you finish Winx Club Do you believix on nick?

they have to update the game

When does winx club believix in you the game come out?

I think it comes out in 2011.....

Where can you get the Winx Club Believix ds game?

You can find it on ebay, or Amazon.

Did winx club ditch their believix?

No, they still have their Believix.

How do you complete the winxclub game do you Do You Believix?

i dont know how to someone help me how do you make specail potions

What can Aishas wear?

Aishas are a pet on neopets... They can wear almost anything that is wearable.... but the clothes caracterized to Aishas are the Jungle Aisha outfit the Aisha space suit the Alien aisha suit, helmet and ears, and the Aisha ran boots, and hat. All these are very rare and are hard to get a hold of.

How do you pass aisha game in do you believix?

You use the dusts and things to make it by the scale, but for some reason i cant get past the one of the levels

What is believix of winx club?

Believix is the newest transformation of the Winx. It was shown in the fourth season that aired April 15th in Italy.

Who sing believix?

lizzy or elizabeth gillies

How do you make the potion in do you believix in the reality storm?

I am not completely positive, but it seems like everybody is having this trouble. Which probably means the game is not yet finished.

In winx club Who gets their believix first?


What is after believixe winx club?

Sirenix is the transformation after Believix power.