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tell them to com to ur house and see for them selfs

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Q: How do you convince your friends that you are a vampires?
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Why do people convince themselves that they're vampires?

I think its mostly to escape from reality

How do you convince people your a vampire?

You would have to lie because you are not a vampire, vampires do not exist.

Why don't vampires have friends?

Because they suck blood, so they eat all their friends. That's why. There are many different ways of presenting or imagining the vampire legend. In general vampires are presented as creatures of supernatural evil, and as such, they would not have friends because evil creatures are too self centered to have friends. However, there are some cases in which vampires are imagined to have friends. Possibly they make friends with other vampires. Many writers have considered the possibility that vampires are not always evil. Benevolent vampires could have friends. See "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".

How do you convince your parents to text your friends?

Not sure why you would want your parents to text your friends. If you can think of a good reason, discuss it with them. If you can't convince them to physically hang with you and your friends at the mall, you probably will not convince them to develop a social habit of texting with your friends.

My friends say they are a vampires should I believe them?

gjhkuhksxjkth if you trust them fully you should.....if you think that they are your friends then you should......they could be self-made vampires

What were vampires' friends and foes?

Werewolves are defiantly foes. Other vampires could be either. Sunlight is mostly foe.

Can your friends and you be vampires werewolves and ghosts?

No. These things don't exist and are myth. Therefore they can not be one of your friends.

What does aro call the new vampires of the volturi?

young friends

Are wolves and vampires friends?

No.vampirers and werewolfs.are born enimies

When Bella's and her friends fought the other vampires did she protect all of her friends with the shield?

in breaking dawn too bella used her shield power to protect all of her friends during the battle with the other vampires it didnt work the whole time because vampires where attacking her and that is not part of her power to fight an have a shield on her friends but she did protect all of them at one point in time.

Do vampires live be there selfs?

not always they can with friends or family just like you!

Can vampires be ou friends?

no they will eat you and ull die or get turned into a vampire