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Well to have a man as he to talk to you would be vary hard But Lets start with what it is you like to say to the man? Its my understanding that he is truly called by the most of some the top in the Field on Bible Codes But I tend to think Not. I will say he did open to a fact of E.L.S. codes But there is far more to the Bible then a E.L.S. Code. I tend to know there is a hidden Book within the 66 Books of The Bible and if Mike came to see it he would fall of his Horse. Lets talk if you care?

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Q: How do you contact Michael drosnin?
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When was Michael Drosnin born?

Michael Drosnin was born in 1946.

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Yes it does, the math is there and it is too excact to be coincidense

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eu sou um cientista criptografico.e tenho o verdadeiro codico secreto da biblia.e pretendo divulga la

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He went into the dust bin of time, as there is no such thing as Bible Code as many explained it using reference to Christ as being physically married to Mary Magdalene and having children (Matthew 27-28), which is just not true.

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