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you gotta import your own music via MP3, USB, CD, or a cable connecting your computer to the Xbox. it cannot be an iPod as it changes the music file so only iTunes and ipods can play it.

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Q: How do you add your own music to svr 2010 caw entrances for xbox 360?
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How can you put music from a flash drive to an xbox 360 hard drive?

yes, you can. you can copy music to the xbox 360

Can you move music for Xbox to Xbox 360?

yes you'll need an xbox 360 an xbox 360 transfer cable and a mac or PC

Can you stream music from an old Xbox to an Xbox 360?


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How do you play music from a sony erricson to a xbox 360?

You can only play music from your computer, a USB memory disk or a Microsoft Zune on the Xbox 360.

Can you rip music onto your Xbox 360 memory card?

Nope, only a xbox 360 hard drive

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No, the Xbox 360 was made to play movies, games, and also music.

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