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raga is raga

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Q: How do raga and Tala differ from western concepts of scale and rhythm?
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What werw The two scale types commonly found in Western music from about 1650 to 1900?

...are major and minor

What scale do they use in Chinese music?

Over the years many scales have fallen in and out of use. There are seven scales a musician will see very often and should know. The major scale is the most known and is comprised of 8 notes, Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do. All other scales are a variation of the major scale. The next scale is called the natural minor. It is a major scale that starts on La. (La Ti Do Re Me Fa Sol La) You can also get a natural minor scale by lowering the 3rd, 6th, and 7th notes of any major scale. The third scale is called the harmonic minor. You get this scale by sharping the seventh note in any natural minor scale. The fourth scale you should be aware of is called the melodic minor. You go up the scale sharping the 6th and 7th note but many classical musicians will insist on going back down the scale like a natural minor. The fifth is called the Mixolydian scale. This scale is popular in rock' n roll music. You get this scale by starting on the fifth note of any major scale. (Sol La Ti Do Re Mi Fa Sol) You can also get this scale by flatting the 7th note in any major scale. The sixth scale you should learn is called the pentatonic scale. You can get it by playing the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, and 6th notes of any major scale. (Do Re Mi Sol La) The final scale that shows up a lot in Western music is called the blues scale. You get it by playing: Do Mib Fa Solb Sol Tib Do.

How much is double SAG scale for a principal in a National commercial?

Scale is $592.20, so double scale is $1184.40.

What scale has no sharps or flats?

C major scale and A minor.

When was Full Scale - album - created?

Full Scale - album - was created in 2005.

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What does Predominant rhythm is sinus mean?

the beat of your heart when the beats goes up and down in a rhythm scale

What is the principal characteristic of ragtime?

chromatic scale jumpy beat syncopated rhythm

How many notes in the western major musical scale?

there are 12 notes in a western major scale..... i hope this helps :)

What is a meter or Rhythm?

Meter has accents to organize the flow of time into groupings... Rhythm is the timing of events on a human scale; the meter of spoken language and poetry.

How is the kelvin scale and the celcius scale similar and different?

The degrees are the same, but the zero points differ.

How does the Richter scale differ from the Marcalli intensity scale?

Richter scale measures magnitude of an earthquake, while Marcalli scale measures the strength of an earthquake.

What scale has been the foundation of the majority of Western music?

This is known as the diatonic scale.

How can Arabic music be defined?

Arabic music can be generally defined a notable emphasis on melody and rhythm whereas western music emphasizes harmony and chords. Arabic music is based on double harmonic scale and is usually homophonic as opposed to polyphonic.

How does the mixolydian mode on g differ from the scale of g major?

The G Mixolydian scale has an F Natural in it, while the G Ionian (Major) scale has an F Sharp.

Which two Richter scale magnitude measurements differ by a factor of 10?


In what what did early northern renaissance paintings differ from Italian renaissance paintings?

Size They were done on a smaller scale

What is the scale used in japanese music?

The Pentatonic scale which has been adopted by many western musicians was invented in China, which potentially sounds very Japanese