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Harry Potter and Arthur Weasley entered the Ministry of Magic via the public entrance of the Ministry of Magic which was a phone booth. Then Mr. Weasley dialled a number in a phone box (the number was 64224 which spells magic ). After a lady's voice asked some questions, Harry had to put on a badge with his name and status. Then the phone box began to sink into ground like an elevator, which then, reached the Autrium, i.e. the welcoming hall of the Ministry of Magic.

Obviously, the "elevator" was magically disguised as a typical out of order phone booth in England, London.

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In Harry Potter, wizards and witches who are seventeen or older are eligible for an Apparition license. It works by them focusing on their DESTINATION, DETERMINATION, and DELIBERATION, mentioned in the 6th book by Wilkie Twycross. They then turn on the spot, feeling their way into nothingness, and focus on the above three things. If all goes well, they experience a temporary suffocating feeling and then find themselves in their predetermined destination. If all doesn't go as well, they can find themselves from inches to miles away from their destination, or can "splinch" themselves, which is the separation of random body parts that stay in the spot they started at while the rest of them is wherever the destination was. This happens when the mind is insufficiently determined. I hope this was helpful to you. (:

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No, they pretend to be people who work there, using Polyjuice potion.

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Q: How do harry ron and Hermione enter the ministry of magic through apparition?
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