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Yes! The easiest way to get there is to enter through Entry F, near Bass Pro Shops and head towards OFF 5th SAKS 5th Avenue. It will be on the right-hand side.

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Q: Does gurnee mills have the store justice?
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Does Gurnee Mills Mall have a Puma store?


What is the website called for mans best friend pet store in Gurnee Mills?

Man's Best Friend pet store in the Gurnee Mills Mall has closed.

When was Gurnee Mills created?

Gurnee Mills was created in 1991.

What time does gurnee mills close on Saturday?

Gurnee Mills closes at 9:30PM on Saturdays.

Where is Gurnee Mills mall and what number is it on for largest mall?

Gurnee Mills mall is located in Gurnee, Illinois, USA. It ranks as the 14th largest mall in the United States based on total floor area.

What county is Gurnee Illinois in?

Gurnee is a suburb in Lake County, IL which is north of Chicago.

Are there any plus size store in Gurnee mills?

Yes...Torrid, Lane Bryant, and check Saks Off 5th selection as well.

What entrance is Aeropostale in at Gurnee mills?

The fastest way to get there is entering through the Bed, Bath, & Beyond store. Then you find the entrance for the mall and it's right across.

What pet stores are in gurnee mills?

There is a pet store in Gurnee Mills, but stay away from it at all costs. This store sells dogs from puppy mills. These dogs are extremely sick, inbred, and will have severe health problems for the rest of their lives due to horrible breeding. Stay away from any place that "sells" animals. Only buy a dog from a reputable breeder that will include a pedigree to ensure that the animal is healthy and properly bred. The best option for dogs and cats is always a shelter!

Is there a collectibles store at gurnee mills mall?

It depends what sort of collectibles you're looking for. There are several sports collectibles shops in the mall, and Rock America sells music memorabilia.

Is hot topic near kohls in gurnee mills mall?

Yes. They are both in the mall.

How many miles are there from Gurnee Mills WI to Detroit MI?

The shortest driving distance is 340 miles.