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kofie was at the ladder the miz got up to the ladder and miz pushed him of the ladder and he got the money in the bank

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โˆ™ 2011-09-25 15:50:00
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Q: How did wwe the miz become money in the bank?
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Who cashed in the money in the bank for the WWE?

The miz

When was the miz WWE champion?

never? though he has the money in the bank briefcase/

Who won the money in the bank competition held on 18th July of WWE?

The Miz won the raw money in the bank ladder match and Kane won the smackdown money in the bank ladder match.

Did Randy Orton cash in money in the bank to become WWE champion?

No he hasn't cashed in his Money in The Bank briefcase yet, but when he does cash it in it will be for the WWE Championship.

Will chris Jericho retire after night of champions 2010?

No. and when he wins he will take the WWE championship to smackdown and that means The Miz is cashing in his money in his money in the bank contract soon

Who wins at the WWE ppv money in the bank?

Raw money in the bank = The Miz Smackdown money in the bank = Kane Mysterio vs Swagger = Mysterio wins, Kane cashes in, new champion. Cena vs Sheamus steel cage = Sheamus wins after the Nexus interfere

How strong is the miz?

The Miz was a WWE champion does that answer it .

The miz WWE?

If you mean is The Miz a superstar for WWE then yes he is he is curently a superstar for WWE's RAW brand

Will the miz become WWE champion?

he doesnt need to become, he allready is the champion. He beat Randy orton

Will the miz be WWE champion?

It matters. If the miz cashes in the money in the bank in the elimination chamber, he COULD win. He may get ripped off at wrestlemania 27. then he will join WM 27 MITB match and win again. Undertaker will win the undisputed world champinship at WM 27. At RAW, undertaker will retire and the miz will cash it in. So it matters what road the wwe wants him to go down.

Are Alex Riley and the Miz related?

no they are not related. alex riley is just his NXT rookie and the miz wanted to help him become a wwe superstar.

Who won the WWE title john cena or the miz?

the Miz Defended the WWE Title

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