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they didnt make it. they got it from the hospital

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I think it was an elk...

Obviously if you're asking about a human, the story goes that she never drinks a human's blood. Or their hinting at that.

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a cougar

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Q: How did they make the blood that Bella drank?
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What was the first animal Bella hunted in breaking dawn?

The first animal she drank blood from was a mountain lion... but she had tried hunting a group of elk at first; she had to stop hunting because she smelled a human nearby and did not want to kill him/her.

What did Edward taste when sucking the venom from Bellas hand?

Edward tasted Bella's blood while sucking the venom from Bella's hand.

Does Alec try to kill Bella?

No, he doesn't. But Felix calls dibs on Bella's blood when she is in Volterra.

What did Bella eat in the film twilight?

Mushroom Ravioli, a bread stick, and a few cokes because she was very thirsty and hungry. Edward actually insisted that she have some caffeine and something to eat, but she found that she was pretty hungry.

Does Bella's baby eat her from the inside in Breaking Dawn?

Bella's baby (Renesmee) does not actually eat Bella. The 'health issues' that came with Bella's pregnancy were mostly related to her bones and energy. As Renesmee got physically bigger, she actually cracked one of Bella's ribs. What causes Bella to have to deliver is when Renesmee accidentally breaks Bella's back. Renesmee is/was incompatible for Bella's body, according to Carlisle's diagnosis in the books. Renesmee wanted to drink blood (she was "thirsty"), and she would get nourishment from the blood, yet Bella had not been drinking blood at the start of her pregnancy. Because Bella wasn't drinking blood, the baby wasn't nourished, and so womanly things happened (rough translation), and she didn't handle the early stages of her pregnancy well.

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When Bella becomes a vampire does she drink human blood?

Yes. When she was pregnant with Renesmee(Bella and Edward's human-vampire daughter), her body started refusing human food so she drank blood from the hospital where Carlisle works as a doctor.

What did th Bella coola drink?

they drank water.

Have Bella and edward made out?

No they have not. Edward cannot "make out" with Bella because he will suck her blood if he goes too far.

What did they use to make Bella's bite mark on Twilight?

Make up...Probably Fake blood

What was it like for edward to make love to Bella?

he enjoys it, but it is difficult for him to not to drink her blood.

What is Bella Swans type of phobia?

Bella is hemophobic, or has a fear of blood.

Does water make your blood vessels contract?

yes it does.i did a science project on blood pressure and the people who drank water there bllo pressure went down!

What do the plateau natives drink?

They drank water and it is possible that they drank blood of a certain animal if they there was a famine....

What is Bella thorne's blood type?

Bella's blood type is Type A. Ima HUGE Bellarina.

What did count Dracula eat?

He drank blood.

Who was the Romanian countess who drank blood?

Elizabeth Báthory. While it has never been proven that she drank the blood of her victims. She did however bathe in their blood to make herself younger. I believe the question should be which Hungarian countess as she was born in Hungary and died in modern day Slovakia (see the links below).

What the main problem with Bella and James?

James wants to drink Bella's blood (poor Bella!)