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It is not revealed on the show.

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Q: How did rose Ellen clampett die?
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What was Jed Clampet's wife's name?

Rose Ellen. Pasted from Wikipedia "Jed was born in the hills of the Ozarks, and had been married to Rose Ellen, the daughter of Daisy "Granny" Moses. From this union, their daughter, Elly May Clampett was born. Rose Ellen Clampett had died while Elly May was still very young, and Jed brought up his daughter like a boy simply because he was ill-equipped to raise a little girl. Jed also has a cousin, Pearl Bodine. To Pearl's children, Jethro Bodine and his sister, Jethrene, he is "Uncle Jed.""

When did Ellen Alma Rose die?

Ellen Alma Rose died in 1996.

What was the characer Elly May Clampett's mothers name in Beverly Hillbillies?

She did indeed have a middle name, and no, it's not May. Elly May is technically just the first name. In one episode, she reveals her middle name to be Margaret. Elly May Margaret Clampett.

When did Bob Clampett die?

Bob Clampett died on May 4, 1984 at the age of 70.

When did Robert Clampett die?

Robert Clampett died on May 4, 1984, in Detroit, Michigan, USA of heart attack.

When was Ellen Alma Rose born?

Ellen Alma Rose was born in 1907.

What has the author Ethel Rose Ellen Langridge written?

Ethel Rose Ellen Langridge has written: 'A textbook of model millinery'

What is the birth name of Bobby Clampett?

Bobby Clampett's birth name is Robert Clampett Jr..

What is the birth name of Robert Clampett?

Robert Clampett's birth name is Clampett, Robert Emerson.

What is the birth name of Ellen Albertini Dow?

Ellen Albertini Dow's birth name is Ellen Rose Albertini.

Who is Ellen Rose?

Ellen Rose is a designer and artist currently working in Brooklyn, New York as of September 2013. Ellen's speciality is creating jewelry, fine art, and installations for store fronts.

What happened to elly may clampett?

how old was ellie may clampett?