How did ricky ricardo die?

Updated: 8/30/2023
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He died of lung cancer in 1986.

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Q: How did ricky ricardo die?
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When was Ricky Ricardo created?

Ricky Ricardo was created in 1951.

Who is the child of Lucy and Ricky Ricardo?

Little Ricky Ricardo

Who was married to ricky ricardo?

Ricky Ricardo (Desi Arnaz) was married to Lucy McGillicuddy Ricardo (Lucille Ball) on the show "I Love Lucy."

What is a ricky ricky?


Where ricky ricardo performed?

Ricky Ricardo worked at the Tropicana night club. He later purchased it and renamed it Club Babalu.

What nicknames does Ricardo Fumasoli go by?

Ricardo Fumasoli goes by Ricky.

What nicknames does Ricardo Casco go by?

Ricardo Casco goes by Ricky.

Did Ricky Ricardo and Lucy have a daughter or just a son on the show?

Only a son: Little Ricky, christiened Enrique Robert Ricardo.

What is the birth name of Ricky Bones?

Ricky Bones's birth name is Ricardo Ricky Bones.

What is the Mexican name for Ricky?

<Ricky> comes from "Richard." "Richard" means <Ricardo> en español

On I Love Lucy what is Lucy and Ricky's son's name?

litle ricky ricardo

What is ricky ricardo's birth place?