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I think he was spying on her or used someone else to spy for him

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Q: How did madara Uchiha know kushina was pregnant?
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Look I know Tobi of Naruto shows his face sometime so what chapter does he fully show his face in?

he is uchiha madara. so if you want to see his face type in uchiha madara

Does itachi and Sasuke have a sister?

No they do not they never will because Itachi killed the Uchiha clan and the only survivors were Itachi, Sasuke, and Tobi. Yes Tobi is an Uchiha.Tobi is Madara Uchiha and madara didnt die i dont know how did he live when he was fighting the first hokage so madara weared a mask so nobody knows that hes madara uchiha

How do you make madara Uchiha's new mask?

not the pumpkin like one if you know how to improve this answer please

What village is Tobi from?

Tobi, also know as Madara Uchiha originates from the Hidden Leaf Village.

Who's madara uchiha?

Uchiha Madara was a highly skilled ninja who lived years previously. He helped lead the Uchiha clan and was one of the founders of Konoha. but wait you know know the mask he wears it only shows his right eye he could be kakashi's team mate who gave him his left eye sharingan

Why did Madara Uchiha change his name to Tobi?

People Thought Madara was dead after his Battle With he 1st hokage But he was alive but didn't want anyone to know he was alive

Who is stronger shisui uchiha or madara uchiha?

Madara uchiha is much stronger than shisuia uchiha seeing that he has a permanant mangekyo sharingan and that he is the clan leader of the uchiha clanSO.madara uchiha could beat up shisui uchiha blindfolded, ha-not really, but madara uchiha could actually beat up shisui uchiha if they had a fightumm actually u would have to remember Shisui's mangekyou had the power of mind control and also he is know as "Shisui the Body Flicker" his speed jutsu menipulation is equall to of what madara uchiha used with his time space jusutu but yet even with that madara was born of a god a tengu a konoha tengu "madara's father" and his mother being a hyuga with the orginalization of the kekkegankai in volume 9 of naruto they speak of how every eye kekkegankai originated with the hyuga wich with these facts prove is true but back to the point thing is i think that they would be at a stand still.p.s. if u want more info look me up on imvu lUchihaShisuil ;D

Does Sasuke betray Tobi known as madara Uchiha?

Madara said that it's useless having Sasuke if he can't control him... so i don't know yet but maybe... why not..

Is madara stronger than itachi?

Sorry madara fans but itachi is stronger than madara because if you read the comic or even watch the shows you would after itachi death madara said that if itachi know that he know this much information he would already kill him watch it you would know

How did zetus know where obito was?

Obito is not Tobi. Madara Uchiha is Tobi. How many times must I tell you this, people?!

Is Madara Uchiha Sasuke's uncle?

cannot be said at the moment need the manga to go on in order to know so

What is the link between Kakashi hatake and madara Uchiha?

The link is that kakashi and madara where on the same team but he wasnt know as madara his name was obito (the black sheep of the uchiha clan). Now his name is Tobi and he wheres that mask because you know how kakashi has the sharigan well that use to be his and so he gave it to kakashi as a gift for becoming a jonin right before he died