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Steak N Shake

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Q: How did jastin biber and Selena Gomez met?
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Is Selena Gomez talkative?

Definetly she's also funny :) I've never met her but in interviews she's outgoing!

Can you ever meet Selena Gomez?

Well first of all you would have to have a one on one conversation to introduce yourself. Try to stand out from the others, but don't go too far. Once you and Selena are friends you may ask her out on a date. Chances are you will stay as Selena's friend. For many people this us acceptable.

What Disney stars smoke?

Kyle Massey (from that's so Raven) is said to smoke Mary Jane, along with Raven Symone, Demi Lovato, and Selena Gomez. I only know for sure that Selena Gomez does cause I met her at a party and we were all BLAZED! lol

How did Selena gomez get her band name?

She became famous at the age of 8 when she starred as "Gianna" (2000-2002) on the children's show, "Barney & Friends". According to her mother, she had been singing since the age of 6. On the Barney show, she met Demi Lovato ("Angela"), and they started playing together. They became best friends! Years later, Demi Lovato got a role in "As The Bell Rings" on the Disney Channel, and Selena was cast on "The Wizards of Waverly Place".

When did Selena gomez begin her acting career?

She is believed to have started in 2002 when she was 7, playing Gianna in Barney & Friends. she was in barney and friends in 1992, but she did star in a role in 2001 called "Gianna" which is where she was allegedly said to have realized her talent in acting according to a mini bio. one can find on or simply typing in Selena Gomez on Google.

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Is Selena Gomez in how i met your mother?


Did Selena Gomez ever met Scott Gomez?

i not sure

Does Selena gomez come from California?

No, Selena Gomez comes from Texas, were she met Demi Lovato.

How did Selena gomez meet Demi Lovato?

Selena Gomez met Demi Lovato at the audition for barney when Demi Lovato asked Selena to sit with her on her coat and color. that is how Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez met.

Has Sabrina vaz ever met Selena Gomez?

no sabrina vaz lives in canada and selena gomez lives in america

Has Selena gomez meet 1d?

Selena Gomez has met 1D but only at awards shows and just posing for a picture with them.

What is Selena gomez official piczo?

Selena Gomez's official piczo is: My friend met Selena two weeks ago and tha is what Selena told her.

Does Hayley Williams know Selena gomez?

yes, hayley Williams and Selena Gomez have met only a few times though.

Does Selena Gomez likes you?

I do not know, I admire her, but I have never met her.

Were did Selena gomez and demi lavoto met?

Selena Gomez and Demi Lavoto meet while working together on the set of "Barney and Friends".

Were Cory Monteith and Selena gomez friends?

Yes, Cory Monteith and Selena Gomez were friends. They met on set of their film, Monte Carlo.

When did Selena gomez become an actress?

Selena Gomez became an actress at the age of eight. She started in Barney and friends where she met Demi Lovato.