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She became famous at the age of 8 when she starred as "Gianna" (2000-2002) on the children's show, "Barney & Friends". According to her mother, she had been singing since the age of 6.

On the Barney show, she met Demi Lovato ("Angela"), and they started playing together. They became best friends! Years later, Demi Lovato got a role in "As The Bell Rings" on the Disney Channel, and Selena was cast on "The Wizards of Waverly Place".

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some body discover Selena Gomez i don't remind his name and then after year and year she become a good singer

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Q: How did Selena Gomez get her band name?

A: Selena just decided that it should be called Selena & the Scene.

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Q: How did Selena gomez get her band name?
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What is the band name for Selena gomez?

Her band name is "Selena Gomez And The Scene"

What is Selena gomez's band going to be called?

Selena Gomez's band is called Selena Gomez & the scene

What is the band of Selena Gomez's name?

It's called the Scene

What is Selena Gomez's middle name?

Her full name is Selena Marie Gomez.Selena Marie GomezSelena Marie Gomez is her real name but her name in Showbiz is Selena Gomez.....Her nickname is Selher real name is Selena Gomezz her fake name is AlexSelena's birth name is: Selena Marie Kayleigh Gomez.

What band does Selena gomez like the most?

Selena Gomez favorite band is Fall Out Boy.

What is Selena's brothers band name?

RETARDS! not Selena GOMEZ. she sucks. Selena as in Selena. The singer that Selena Gomez is actually named after..the one that's more important, more famous, more talented, and has many more hit songs. ANYWAYS back on topic... her brother's band's name is Kumbia All Starz

Is Selena gomez starting a band?

Yes her band is called Selena Gomez and The Scene

Who is in Selena gomez's band?

I am pretty sure that it said on Youtube that in Selena Gomez's band it was her brothers.. But they could be wrong. Never no. Selena Gomez doesn't have brothers. She is the only child!

What name will be good for first name Selena?

Selena Justice Gomez, Selena Deborah Gomez, Selena Riya Gomez

How old is Selena Gomez's band?

She doesn't have a band.

What is Selena Gomez's band?

The Scene

What is Selena gomez' stage name?

Her stage name is Selena Gomez, the same as her given name.