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because he is part of dx that's why he won

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Q: How did Shawn Michaels defeated Bret Hart?
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Who won the match at survivor series Bret hart vs Shawn michaels 1993?

While Bret and Shawn did not have a singles match st Survivor Series 1993, The Hart Family defeated Shawn Michaels and three "knights" (Jerry Lawler was in a bit of a feud with Bret at the time) in an 8-man elimination tag match. At Survivor Series 1992 however, Shawn Michaels wrestled Bret Hart for the WWE Championship and lost.

Is Shawn Michaels related to Bret hart?

They are not related! Shawn Michaels real name is Michael Shawn Hickenbottom

What was Bret hart's injurie after the fight with Shawn Michaels?

knee injury

Does Shawn Michaels like Bret Hart?

Shawn micheals did not like him in the 90s or 80s but Shawn made a trus with him

What happened with vince McMahon and Bret hart at WrestleMania 10?

Bret Hart went against Shawn Michaels in a submission match. mr. McMahon screwed Bret hart so Bret had to leave wwe.

Will we see a Shawn Michaels Vs Bret Hart again?

No - Bret Hart is done with wrestling. After his stroke years back. He is now on Broadway acting actually.

Was trying to Shawn Michaels protect Bret hart back in 1997?

yes coz he loves him

What happened to Bret the hitman Hart at Survivor Series on November 9th 1997?

During the 1997 Survivor Series, Shawn Michaels, the opponent to Bret "the Hitman" Hart held Hart in his own finishing position to defeat Hart. This caused Hart to surrender the title to Michaels.

Why Bret hart hates Shawn michaels?

Bret does not like Shawn because Shawn michaels was a cocky child when Bret was in the wwe keep in mind Shawn was in his early 20's Bret just turned 40 when he left the wwe, so he was quite abit more mature than Shawn michaels. Before Bret left the wwe he was involved in the Montreal screwjob which Shawn used brets own move the sharpshooter against him and vince called for the bell when he did not tap out.

Was Shawn Michaels ever on wcw?

yes,the day he beat Bret Hart 12 years from 2010.

Will Shawn michaels turn on Triple H and join Bret hart in wwe?

No. Shawn Michaels is loyal to triple h. Plus HBK and Bret don't have great history. Bret is only on Raw for 1 night so far. He is guest host

Who won 1997 survivor series hbk vs Bret hart?

your grandmother and Shawn michaels your grandmother and hbk screwed Bret on Montreal!