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At Club MTV in 1989, Milli Vanilli was dancing and jumping to their own hip-hop music. But, at the second chorus of ´Girl You Know it´s true´ the song started skipping. Rob couldn´t repeat it 15 times, so he panicked and ran off stage. After the couple returned to stage, the people didn seem to care and they continued. But there was a huge amount of press, so they were demolished in the news.

After they won a Grammy Award for ´Best New Artist´ people started asking too many questions. Rob & Fab didn have great accents and their voice didn´t sound nothing like their performing voices. In November 1990, the producer, Frank Farian, admitted to the press that Milli Vanilli faked their songs. Their popularity was sinking down the river to never come back to surface. Rob & Fab were exposed to the public as frauds, with nothing to help them. In 1998, one of the singers died, as of a deadly combination of alcohol and drugs.

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They got nailed when the tape or the CD or whatever the sound company was using jammed into some kind of skipping or repeat loop and there was no Milli or no Vanilli, just two idiots on stage.

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Actually I made a mistake; it wasn't blame it on the rain, but it was actually "Girl You Know It's True"

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Q: How did Milli Vanilli get caught lip syncing?
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