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No, Brian and the Band have and will never lip synch.

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Q: Does Brian Johnson of ac dc lip synch?
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Does brian Johnson of ac dc have children?

yes he has 2 kids

Why the song the jack is different whit Brian Johnson?

Brian Johnson improved it well in my opinion better the first time! Brian is still legendary ac/dc forever

Who is the lead singer on thunderstruck?

AC/DC is the band that plays the song but the person that sings it is there lead singer Brian Johnson

Did the member of ACDC Brian Johnson die?

No, he is still alive. It was AC/DC's previous singer that died, Bon Scott.

Who have been the 2 ac dc singers?

bon Scott, and Brian Johnson

Did Brian Johnson and bon Scott sing together?

No, because Bon Scott was already dead when Brian Johnson first met AC/DC. Actually, the death of Bon Scott is the reason why Brian met AC/DC (I mean, they had already seen Brian sing before, but had never talked to him).

What instrument did Brian Johnson play?

Brian Johnson is the lead singer of the rock group AC/DC. He doesn't play any instruments. ~ - AC/ DC's Brian Johnson plays percussion but is more known for his vocals. he also writes many musical pieces and i July 2014 was awarded an honorary degree of Doctor of Music by Northumbria University in his home city Newcastle in recognition of his significant contribution to the music industry.

Who is was in acdc origainlly?

Bon Scott who was the lead singer of AC/DC before he was replaced by Brian Johnson.

Can ACDC's Brian Johnson play guitar?

I Would assume that AC/DC ,S Brian Johnson can play guitar, as i recall seeing a photo of Johnson several years ago, when he was a member of Geordie. In this photo, it depicts Brian Johnson playing an acoustic guitar.

Did Angus young quit ACDC?

No he has been in AC/DC since they were formed in 1973 and is still in the band. But there is a chance Brian Johnson will be leaving AC/DC.

When did ACDC disband?

When Brian Johnson quit after the black ice tour

Who ts the AC DC lead singer?

bon Scott was the first singer and upon his passing brian Johnson took over bon Scott was the first singer and upon his passing brian Johnson took over