How did Jose limon die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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he died of cancer

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Q: How did Jose limon die?
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Where did Jose limon die?

he died from cancer

Where did the traitor by Jose limon premiere?

What means The Traitor of Jose Limon

When was Jose Limon's debut in dancing?

Jose Limon's Broadway debut was on June 5, 1930 in Lysistrata at the age of 22.

Where were Jose limon originally from?

In Mexico.

What are the principles of the Jose Limon technique?

umm , not sure:D

Did Jose limon have brothers or sisters?

Jose Arcadio Limón was the oldest of 12 children.

What is Jose limon dance form?

His dance form is American modern dance.

When did Mordechai Limon die?

Mordechai Limon died on 2009-05-16.

Which Costa Rican cities have the most population?

San Jose,Puntarenas,Limon,Jaco and Guanacaste!

What has the author Patricia Seed written?

Patricia Seed has written: 'Jose Limon and La Malinche'

Who inspired Jose limon to become a dancer?

He was inspired to dance, after attending one of Harlod Kreutzberg and yvonne gerogi's perfomance in 1929

Where is the Limon Memorial Library in Limon located?

The address of the Limon Memorial Library is: 205 E Avenue, Limon, 80828 0236