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Navarro died from cancer on January 13,1871

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Q: How did Jose Antonio Navarro die?
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When did José Antonio Navarro die?

José Antonio Navarro died in 1871.

When did Luis Antonio García Navarro die?

Luis Antonio García Navarro died in 2001.

What kind of job did Jose Antonio Navarro had?

he gave texas one million dollars

When did Jose Antonio Gomariz die?

Jose Antonio Gomariz died in 2005.

When did Jose Antonio Bengoechea die?

Jose Antonio Bengoechea died in 1921.

When did Jose Antonio Ortega Bonet die?

Jose Antonio Ortega Bonet died in 2009.

How many siblings did Jose antonio Navarro have?

He had 1 older brother named Gonzalo and 2 younger sisters.

When was Antonio Navarro Wolff born?

Antonio Navarro Wolff was born in 1948.

When was José Antonio Navarro born?

José Antonio Navarro was born in 1795.

When did Jose Antonio Rodriguez Vega die?

Jose Antonio Rodriguez Vega died on 2002-10-24.

When was Luis Antonio García Navarro born?

Luis Antonio García Navarro was born in 1941.

What is the birth name of Garcia Navarro?

Garcia Navarro's birth name is Luis-Antonio Garca Navarro.