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He felt like he did his mother over his grave

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Q: How did Johnny tremain feel when rab died?
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How did Johnny Tremain feel about Rab's death?

he is sad about his death and Rab gives him his musket

How did Johnny Tremain die?

Johnny Tremain did not die in the book. His friend Rab Silsbee died of internal bleeding caused by the shot of a British soldier.

Who are the main characters in Johnny Tremain?

The main character in "Johnny Tremain" is Johnny Tremain, a young apprentice silversmith who becomes involved in the American Revolutionary War. Other key characters include Rab Silsbee, a fellow apprentice and friend of Johnny, Mr. Lapham, Johnny's master silversmith, and Cilla Lapham, Mr. Lapham's granddaughter who becomes a significant person in Johnny's life.

Who is Dr Warren from the book Johnny Tremain?

The doctor who wanted to help Johnny with his hand, help Johnny refused. Dr. Warren is also the person who helped Rab feel better when he died.

Is Rab in Johnny Tremain real?

yes but it is a ficyion book

In Johnny Tremain is Rab a Tory?

In "Johnny Tremain," Rab is not portrayed as a Tory. He is a patriot who supports the cause of American independence. Rab's dedication to the revolutionary cause is a central aspect of his character throughout the novel.

In Johnny Tremain Does Rab do anything to upset or anger Johnny?

Rab does not anger or upset Johnny, but Johnny was jealous when he found out that he and Cilla occasionally took walks together.

True or false In Johnny Tremain does Rab hate dancing?


In Johnny Tremain why did rab send Johnny away?

Rab sent Johnny away from the hospital bed he was laying in because he knew he had to die, but he didn't want Johnny to see it happen.

How did Cillia Lapham and Rab Silsbee influence Johnny's character and personality in the book Johnny Tremain?

Rab made Johnny want to stop being so mean with words.

Who were two witnesses in the book Johnny Tremain?

The 2 key witnesses were Rab, and Cilla.

Does Johnny Tremain continue to work at the Observer after Rab dies?

no because johnny fights in the war and the book ends