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chemical to kinect

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Q: How can you trace energy Transformations from a radio signal to music?
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Trace the energy transformations from a radio signal to music you hear?

Electrical to sound.

What are the energy transformations in a radio?

electrical energy to sound energy ,electrical energy to mechanical energy

What type of energy transformation does a radio signal have?

The radio signal itself, of course, is not an energy transformation - energy transformation means that energy is changed from one type to another. There is an energy transformation when the radio signal is created, and another one when it is absorbed.

Relate energy of radio to frequency of wave?

Energy of radio signal E = hf, Planck's constant times the frequency.

Why does the radio go out of tune when you are near it?

The human body has natural electromagnetic energy. This can interfere with the radio signal because the body can behave as an antenna for this energy.

How radio signal works?

Your radio signal works by using its signal to go to a tower and back to your radio (Via antenna).

What is the carrier voltage of modulated signal?

The 'carrier' is the signal that's flowing from the antenna into your receiverwhen there's no talk, no music, no sound of any kind on the signal. That'swhen you hear nothing out of the radio, because the radio is built to catchand work with only the changes of the carrier ... the modulation.

What is the speed of a satellite signal?

A satellite signal will be a radio signal. And a radio signal in space travels at the speed of light.

How can electrical energy be transfered?

By (em) radiation, every signal you pick up by radio, TV, cell phone, etc. carries energy.

How electric energy can be transfered wirelessly?

By (em) radiation, every signal you pick up by radio, TV, cell phone, etc. carries energy.

How can you get radio signal from space on your cmputor?

You can get a radio signal from space on your computer using SETI.

What are the different forms of energy that are transferred enabling us to hear the radio?

There is a transfer from Radio waves (electrical energy) to Mechanical energy (sound). When you listen to a radio, the electromagnetic energy of the broadcast is converted to electrical current, also electromagnetic energy, which is converted to mechanical energy by the speaker. The vibration of the speaker (mechanical energy) is converted to sound energy (pressure waves) which travel through the air to your ear and is converted first to mechanical energy in your middle ear and then to pressure in a fluid in your inner ear. That fluid pressure wave is converted to mechanical energy as it stimulates the hair cells in your inner ear and they release a nerve signal. The nerve signal is electrical energy which it converted to chemical energy between each nerve sell and then back to electrical energy to flow through the nerve cell - so the nerve signal is electro-chemical energy. And that is processed by your brain to let you hear the sound of your radio.