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There are a number of stations throughout the country that play Rock Music. A person may also tune into rock stations through internet radio providers like I Heart Radio.

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Sirus 80s on 8

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theres also 102.7 the beach if u have a different station

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Q: What radio station has 80s music?
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Who operates the radio station ERA FM?

Astro Radio Sdn. Bhd. currently runs a Malaysian national radio called ERA FM. ERA FM was originally called Classic Rock and played music from the 80s. As of now, it now plays international music, including Malaysian and Korean music.

Which radio station has the most Christmas music in Ontario?

The radio station that has the most Christmas music in Ontario is 98.1 CHFI.

What radio station is Lady Gaga on?

Her music is played on almost every radio station. =)

What type of music does the 1xtra station play?

The BBC Radio 1Xtra is in the United Kingdom. It is a digital radio station and it specializes in urban music. The radio station is broadcast from a dedicated building that it shares with it's sister station the BBC Radio 1.

What is a good Christmas radio station?

94.9 FM is a great radio station for christmas music.

What is the use of a Christmas music radio station?

A Christmas music radio station has limited usefulness as a year-round radio station. Many stations play Christmas-themed music around the holidays, and some start as early as Thanksgiving.

What station is BBC radio 1?

A Radio station in the UK that broadcasts popular music.

Does Pandora Radio offer an easy listening music station?

Pandora Radio does offer an easy listening music station. Someone can listen to Pandora Radio station by going online and checking their site to see the stations they are on.

How do you create a business development for a radio station?

Create a radio station then then play some music and interw with someone

What genre of music is played by the Planet Radio radio station?

The genre of music played by the Planet Radio radio station is usually indie music. This allows the public to find emerging artists and also gives emerging artists the opportunity for success.

What is a great classical music radio station?


Does Pandora radio have a foreign music station for German music?

yes sirrrr