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You can: A) Try washing the cd, using a little bit of rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab/ball. B) You can purchase a CD repair kit from the store. These usually do a pretty good job with minor scratches. C) Find a music store that has a CD buffer. They usually charge something like 30 cents a CD and can buff out most scratches, and the CD plays like new.

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Q: How can you stop your CD from skipping?
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What portable CD player has the least problems with skipping?

GPX Portable CD Player with 60-Second Anti-Skip Protection has very little problems with skipping.

Why won't my boombox play a CD without it skipping?

the CD is scratched or the boombox is too old

What can I do to keep my CD & DVD Drive from skipping?

Don't move the drive around when it is reading a disc.

What kind of protection does the Sony DNF340 Portable CD Player have against skipping?

The Sony DNF340 Portable CD Player has Skip-Free G Protection.

is cd players skipping caused or worsened by cleaning the disk with shirt?

cd players skipping is caused by scratches on the disk. so i would think it worsened by cleaning it with your shirt. you could go to a store and pick up glass spray with a special towel, like you get for eyewear.

How does disk doctor work?

The CD Disc Doctor is a system with brushes and a cleaning fluid that cleans dirty and scratched CD's to make them (possibly) playable without skipping.

Why is it important to use CD sleeves?

Cd sleeves are very important to preserve CDs in the best possible condition. They keep them from getting scratched and from skipping or not working altogether.

Can I jog with a portabel CD player without worrying too much about skipping?

The Aiwa Water-Resistant Portable CD Player - XP SP30 is great for jogging.

How can I fix Skipping CD player?

Easiest is to replace it. By the time you remove it, take it in, someone takes it apart and fixes it you could buy a new CD player and it comes with a warranty.

Which car CD player is the best at keeping the songs from skipping over bumps while you are driving?

I belive Sony has this feature.

How do you stop your game disc from skipping?

Gently wipe it with a warm, wet cloth. Or blow on it.

How can you fix disc skiping problem on a sony cdx-m630?

If the skipping is caused by a scratch on the CD, try cleaning the CD. If the CD is scratched you can sometimes polish out the scratch. If the CD player skips on NEW CD's, unfortunately it will probably cost more to repair the player than it would cost for a new one.