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Put a quote in Google in quotations, then write lyrics and hit enter. Be sure the lyrics you heard are the actual lyrics, u'll get better results leaving words out than putting the wrong ones in.

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Q: How can you search for the song using only the lyrics?
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Where can one find lyrics for the Ed Sheeran song 'Kiss Me'?

Lyrics from Ed Sheeran's song 'Kiss Me' can be found on the youtube videosite. As search parameters use 'lyrics Ed Sheeran Kiss Me'. The advantage of using this method is that you can sing the lyrics while the song is playing.

What are the lyrics to the Aaliyah song 4 Page Letter?

The lyrics can be found on the MetroLyrics website. Using the search box in the centre of the page, search for "4 Page Letter" and select the first link that is returned. Clicking on this link will provide you with the lyrics.

How do you get lyrics off a song?

Go to google and type in Lyrics. Then search through the websites for the song you want.

Where can one find Pearl Jam lyrics?

Lyrics for songs from Pearl jam can be found on the videosite youtube videosite. As search parameters use 'lyrics Pearl Jam' plus the song title. The advantage of using this method is that you can sing the lyrics while the song is playing.

How do you get a song without lyrics?

when you search for the song, write karaoke by the tittle of that song.

Lyrics to you were made for me by brandi carlile?

type in lyrics to (insert song) and search it will take you to free lyric sites. type in lyrics to (insert song) and search it will take you to free lyric sites.

What is a good website to find the lyrics for the song Let It Go?

There are many sites where you can find song lyrics, like 'Lyrics Drive', or 'Metro Lyrics'. If you search the song on Youtube, you can usually find the lyrics with the music.

What can you search for at the Lyric Finder website?

The Lyrics Finder websites provides you with the means to search for lyrics of a song you do not know the name of. Alternatively, you can search the lyrics of songs you do know the name of.

Where can one find the lyrics to the song ''Mustard man ''?

Finding the lyrics to just about any song is as easy as typing in the song name to a search browser. There are many sites on the internet that not only show you the lyrics but also others interpretation of the lyrics. There is also the songwriters site where all or most of their albums/singles are available with lyrics.

How can you find out the name of a song if it does not have lyrics?

Search for it as an instrumental

How can I find information about a song if I do not know the title or performer?

If you know part of the lyrics you may try a search on a web site that searches song by the lyrics. These can be located via a WWW search engine with a search for "lyric search". Once you are at the site then enter a section of lyrics from the song and search. You may get a large number of results, this will require a new search or for you to guess which song is the one you are looking for based on the information given about the song and it's performers.

Adieu mein kleiner gardeoffizer lyrics?

If you are looking for lyrics to this song, you can do a search online. YouTube is a good place to start in order hear the song and get the lyrics.