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CD Songs Onto PSP

Get a CD And put to the Computer and go to iTunes and there you have your CD on it and go to edit Select All and And go to file and go to new Folder and type what is Your Cd Is and if it is done Download on itunes just drag it to your Folder and have Your psp and USB Plug and Turn on your psp And Click USB Connection And go to Psp folder and go to your music folder and go to file New folder and type your Cd in and Go to itunes And Drag it to your Folder On your psp folder Music and there you have it on your psp Enjoy

i'm not

sure about the new one but you definetly can put music on the old one

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2010-09-17 10:53:29
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Q: How can you put music from a CD onto your psp?
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How do you put music from a USB onto a CD?

To put music from a USB stick onto a CD, it must first be downloaded to the computer. Then the music files can be burned (downloaded) onto a CD using the CD-ROM.

How do you put music from CD onto Samsung galaxy ace II?

In order to put music from a CD onto a Samsung Galaxy Ace II, you will need to download the music from the CD onto the hard drive of your computer. From there, you can transfer the music to your phone.

How CD-rw work?

CD-rw are writeable cds. You can put music or data onto them.

What do you do to keep the music on the CD do you rip or burn?

To keep music on a CD, it is already there and you do nothing. To put music onto a CD, you "burn" it to the CD. To copy music from a CD to some other memory location, you "rip" it.

How to get music on PSP?

1.Go to itunes Or put the CD in the computer 2.If you put on a Cd Wait if it says just Show songs Create a playlist Type whatever Cd you put in And Edit Select all drag it to the playlist and it is gonna import it after it is done 3. Plug your psp to the USB Connecter and if you see music just Do new Folder And type your Cd and go to itunes and go to the playlist and edit a select all again an drag it to your psp that is it You have music on psp Enjoy

How do you put music on CD?

Using a peice of software like Nero you can burn music onto a CD/DVD

why wont my music burn onto my cd's?

why wont my music burn onto my cd's??

How do you download CD's onto a sansa MP3?

You need to put the music from the CD into your computer and then sync it to your player.

How can i put music to my music list?

First you need to put your CD into your computer then download it to ITune. Then you plug in your IPod and sync the music onto it. :)

Can You Put Music In PlayStation 2?

Yes, you can burn it as mp3's onto a CD or make a audio CD to listen to music on the PlayStation.

How do you put sound effects on a CD?

I think you do it just like music- simply drag it onto the CD from your computer.

When you put music on a CD how do you drag the music?

1. Drag your songs into a new playlist 2. Select 'Burn Playist onto Blank CD'

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