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You can copy and paste this: Я

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Q: How can you make a backwards R on the keyboard?
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How do you make the letter R backwards?

For me, I am Russian so I have the Russian keyboard. You can try to do that. Once you got the keyboard, switch it into Russian and press the English letter "z" and capitalize it (shift and z at the same time or caps lock). If you don't feel like finidng a Russian keyboard, you can copy and paste: Я

How do you make a backwards lower case r on the computer?

Sorry but it is impossible

How do you make the backwards b?

To create the backwards "b", you can simply turn the letter "d" around so that it faces the opposite direction. This creates a visual effect that resembles a backwards "b".

Why is the R backwards in Toys R Us?

Charles Lazarus, founder of Toys R Us, made the R backwards as to draw attention to the name.

How do you make a backwards A?

A is how you make a backwards A.

How may keys are there in a keyboard?

104 keys r there in a keyboard

Keyboard notes to 'We R Who We R'?

go to

What is a computer middle finger?

Keyboard speaking its K and I or D and R. You can make it using ASCII art.

Where does e live?

E lives between W and R on a QWERTY keyboard, between Z and R on an AZERTY keyboard, and between O and U on a Dvorak keyboard.

How do you get the backwards R?

copy and paste this: Я

How do you make the r symbol on your keyboard?

On a Windows computer,Turn on Num LockHold the Alt keyType 0174 on the Number Pad (the far right of the keyboard)See ® appear, as if by magic

What has the author R A March written?

R. A. March has written: 'Jobbing backwards'