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Information about WURTH USA can be found directly on the WURTH main page. This company is spelled in all capital letters, which is not what this contributor did.

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Q: How can you find more information about Wurth?
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What is the birth name of Gaston Wurth?

Gaston Wurth's birth name is Gaston Felipe Wurth.

What is the birth name of Tobi Wurth?

Tobi Wurth's birth name is Gustavo Adolfo Wurth.

How tall is Gaston Wurth?

Gaston Wurth is 6' 3".

What nicknames does Gaston Wurth go by?

Gaston Wurth goes by Burro.

When did Wallace Charles Wurth die?

Wallace Charles Wurth died in 1960.

When was Wallace Charles Wurth born?

Wallace Charles Wurth was born in 1896.

When was Sebastian Wurth born?

Sebastian Wurth was born on 1994-07-21.

When was Christin Wurth-Thomas born?

Christin Wurth-Thomas was born on 1980-07-11.

When was François-Xavier Wurth-Paquet born?

François-Xavier Wurth-Paquet was born in 1801.

When did François-Xavier Wurth-Paquet die?

François-Xavier Wurth-Paquet died in 1885.

When was Tobi Wurth born?

Tobi Wurth was born on July 30, 1953, in Santiago, Chile.

How tall is Ines Wurth?

Ina Weisse is 177 cm.