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Vivian Vance was an American actress and singer. The best place to find more information about her, is to check the Biography website. One can also find information about her on the Wikipedia website.

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Q: Where is the best information on Vivian Vance?
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What is Vivian Vance's birthday?

Vivian Vance was born on July 26, 1909.

What sea was Vivian Vance's ashes scattered?

vivian vance's ashes were scattered in the Pacific Ocean

Where is Vivian Vance buried?

Vivian Vance was not buried. Her body was cremated, and the ashes scattered at sea.

was Lucille Ball aware of the face that Vivian Vance and William Frawley did not like each other?

Yes, they were friends long after "I Love Lucy" ended.

Did vivian vance smoke?


How old was Vivian Vance at death?

Vivian Vance died of Breast Cancer in 1979. She was diagnosed in 1977.

What year was vivian vance born?

Vivian Vance, (born Vivian Roberta Jones), was born on July 26th, 1909 in Cherryvale, Kansas. Died August 17th, 1979.

What celebrity is named Vivian?

There are many celebrities with the first name Vivian. Some of these include, but are not limited to, Vivian Vance, Vivian Dandridge, Vivian Bang, and Vivian Kellogg.

What is the birth name of Vivian Vance?

Vivian Vance was an American television and theater actress and singer. She is best known for her role as Ethel Mertz, sidekick to Lucille Ball on the television sitcom I Love Lucy, and as Vivian Bagley on The Lucy Show. She also performed on Broadway in a number of productions from 1934 through 1948.

Is Audrey meadows and vivian Vance sisters?

NO. Vivian Vance was over ten years older than Audrey Meadows. Audrey Meadows, however, was Jayne Meadow's sister..

Which actress played Ethel Mertz on you Love Lucy?

vivian vance

How much did Vivian Vance weigh?

Like most women, Vivian Vance's weight fluctuated throughout her life. However, the rumors that Lucille Ball demanded that she gain weight for "I Love Lucy" are false.