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type in on Google burn Selena Gomez songs then click the first one and after minutes a box will pop up and you will have all the songs on disc

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Q: How can you burn all of Selena Gomez songs on to disk?
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How do you burn songs on a CD?

To burn songs onto a disk you have to create a playlist. On the Sidebar in iTunes, right-click the playlist you want to burn onto the disk and click on "Burn Playlist To Disk"

Is it free to burn songs on to a CD of itunes?

Yes, so long as you have a blank audio disk, you can for free. You make a playlist with the songs and then at the bottom click 'burn disk'

What if you go on itunes and you have the songs you want on the playlist but it wont let you burn the disc?

If you have the most recent version of iTunes and have just downloaded songs the iTunes should ask you is you want to burn those songs to disk. IF you want to burn songs you have downloaded before then swithc to the Music screen, click to select the music you want burned to disk, use the File menu to access the Library option, insert blank disk into your comuter and select the Burn Playlist to Disk option, enjoy. If the disk will not burn then check if the disk you inserted into the computer is blank

Is burning songs onto a disk illegal?

NO they are legal because you can't burn them.

How to burn the songs you want from itunes onto a disk?

One of the easy ways to burn a CD on itunes is you gather up all the songs u want to burn in one play-lists . make sure all the songs have checks next to them. Go to your library and right click on the play-list u want to burn. then you will have options . if u click on burn play-list to disk they will give you a page to fill out then press OK and insert your disk.

What is the function of a Compact Disk?

You can use a compact disk to store your files/pictures. As well as that, you can also burn songs into CD depending on how much it can store. Usually, about 18 to 20 songs.

Can you burn a disk of songs from YouTube?

Yeah with YouTube mp3 convertor then put it on a playlist on itunes

When you burn songs froma disk staight into itunes is there any way to copy them to a usb key from itunes?


What does it mean to burn a disk?

Burning a disk means to write data onto it. By looking at the categories you have assigned, you are looking to "burn" or put songs onto a disk. Be aware there are two results: a "data" disk you can only play in a computer, an Audio CD you can also play in a CD player.

Why isn't itunes letting you burn a CD?

you make a new playlist, then put the songs you want to burn into that playlist, put in a blank disk, than at the bottom right hand corner when you are viewing the playlist, there should be a button that says burn disk

How do you get songs from iPod to CD?

Go on iTunes, then put a blank CD in your disk drive. You should get a message or see an icon on the bottom of iTunes allowing you to burn songs onto a CD. Click on it, then choose the songs you want and then it will burn the CD for you.

How many songs cans you burn on a disk?

A CD holds around 700 megabytes, or about 200 tracks in MP3 format.