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I honestly don't think that can happen unless you have a REALLY big mouth!

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Q: How can a pie be eaten in one bite?
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Can pie be eaten?

Any pie can be eaten. Whether such a pie ought to be eaten depends on if it contains things which are strictly edible.

How should you eat a mince pie?

One bite at a time

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What will pie do?

Pie will be eaten... by me! OM NOM NOM :P

What foods are eaten in England on guy Fawkes?

Because like every one! Pie

Bart brought a blueberry pie to a family reunion and it was cut into equal pieces At the end of the reunion 37.5 percent of it was eaten Which of these shows Bart's pie at the end of the reunion?

The one with 3 out of 8 pieces eaten.

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When do you eat ginger when you eat sushi?

Customarily, ginger and wasabi are supposed to be eaten between each bite of sushi (a cut of a role is supposed to be eaten in one bite). The purpose of ginger and wasabi are to clear the pallet to taste the next bite fully, without the previous imposing.

How do you use the word eaten in a sentence?

All of the pie had been eaten the night before.

How is custard apple eaten?

Just bite it..!