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caused her teeth to keep growing

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thank you
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Her teeth would not stop growing!

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About time

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When Hermione got hit by a ricocheted spell what happened?

her teeth wouldn't stop growing

Tell me what ricocheted means... i need to know?

A moving object has ricocheted when it hit something and has bounced away in a different direction.

Where did Harry Potter lose his wand?

Harry Potter didn't lose his wand, he broke it, when him and Hermione Granger were running away from Nagini, Lord Voldemort's snake at Godric's Hallow. It was because Hermione was casting a spell on Nagini when the spell backfired and hit Harry's wand.

What is the purpose of the densaugeo spell from Harry Potter?

It causes the victims teeth to enlarge grotesquely In Goblet of Fire when Harry and Draco were fighting a curse from Draco missed and Hermione was hit by this spell

Does Luna Lovegood duel Bellatrix Lestrange?

Yes she does with Hermione and Ginny, but Ginny nearly got hit by a spell so Molly Weasley stepped in and killed Bellatrix.

What spell is used to grow teeth in Harry Potter?

Densaugeo is a hex used to grow teeth to a large size. Hermione was hit by this hex during a duel between Draco and Harry.

What is a sentence for ricochet?

Ricochet is a noun and means to rebound at least once from a surface. "The hard surface caused the bullet to ricochet, which caused the soldier to be shot unintentionally by his friend." Or a verb. The bullet ricocheted off the hard surface...

What spell revives someone who has been hit by a Stunning spell in Harry Potter?

Rennervate is the spell used to revive someone hit by a Stunning Spell.

How do you spell hit in Spanish?


How did Harry's wand break?

Hermione accidentally broke it when they were in Bathilda Bagshot's home, and Nagini attacked them. While she was apparating them, the wand snapped. Actually it got hit by one of Hermione's rebounding spells!

What was the date 2 PAC got shot 5 times?

September 7, 1996, He was struck by four rounds; one hit him in the chest, the pelvis, and his right hand and thigh.One of the rounds apparently ricocheted into Shakur's right lung.

Does any one know a fanfiction where Hermione is hit by a car right outside Grimuald Place?

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