Have all the Doctors met

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Not all of the doctors have met each other. The instances where they have are below. The number in brackets after the name indicates the incarnation of the doctor 1 - 11.

William Hartnell (1) , Patrick Troughton (2) and Jon Pertwee (3) met each other in "The three doctors" (1973)

In "the Five Doctors" (1983) Richard Hurndell (1) (Playing the first doctor as William Hartnell had passed away), Patrick Troughton (2) and Jon Pertwee (3) and Peter Davison (5) all met. Clips of Tom Baker (4) were in the Five Doctors but he did not meet any of the others.

In "the Two Doctors" (1986) Patrick Troughton (2) and Colin Baker (6) met each other.

Sylvester Mccoy (7), Paul Mcgann (8) and Christopher Eccleston (9) did not meet any of their other selves on screen. Nor has Matt Smith (11) - Yet!

In "Time Crash" (2007) Peter Davison (5) met David Tennant (10).

These are the only instances in the TV series of the Doctors meeting each other. There are a number of audio adventures produced under "big finish productions" that show the doctors meeting.

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Q: Have all the Doctors met
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