Has naruto died yet

Updated: 8/29/2023
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Naruto has died a total of 3 times. He was near-deathduring the Sannin fight, he died when Sasuke slammed his head into the ground, and Sasuke kills him another time in that fight. Fortunately Tsunade revives him in the sannin arc, and the Kyuubi revives Naruto in the Valley of the End fight.

There was something about Naruto having to die to enter sage mode, I don't know if this is true, or not, but still worth a look.

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There are no reports of Masashi Kishimoto's demise .

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Q: Has naruto died yet
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Does Sasuke die in Naruto or Naruto Shippuden?

He hasn't died yet at all. He definitely didn't die in Naruto, and as of yet he has not died in Shippuden.

What episode does Naruto die in?

naruto doesent die yet

Does Naruto come back to live?

Naruto hasn't died yet.

Does Tobi from Naruto die?

He hasn't died yet.

What last episode did Naruto died?

None yet

How does Naruto Uzumaki die?

He hasn't died yet.

What Naruto episode shows Tobi's death?

He hasn't died yet.

When does Naruto die in the story?

Naruto hasn't died yet. If he even does in the series, it'll be at the very, very end.

Does Hinata die in the Naruto series?

she hasn't died yet but she almost did when she tried to protect naruto from pain after the destruction of konoha

Do Sakura Naruto Sasuke ever die in Naruto?

Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke haven't died yet in the anime Naruto.

What in what Naruto episode does Saskue Uchiha die?

Sasuke hasn't died in the show yet!

What are the Naruto endings?

Naruto has not ended yet.