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No she hasn't and if she did we would have heard about it

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No. but she has a boyfriend and they might get married soon.

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She has one daughter, McKenna Isabelle, and is rumored to have had two abortions both after McKenna's birth.

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Q: Has lady gaga ever got pregnant?
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Why is Lady Gaga pregnant?

Lady Gaga is not pregnant. But, I'm sure you're old enough to know how she would've got pregnant if she was.

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Was Lady Gaga ever pregnant?

no, she hasn't even been. But maybe she will in the future. She loves children so yes, somedays she will have them herself. CORRECT ANSWER- Yes she has been pregnant twice but thay were misscaridges so they died straight after birth

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Probably. Yes.

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Lady Gaga has hundreds of thousands of friends.

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There is a song by Queen called Radio GaGa and that is where Lady GaGa got her name from.

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Yes, Lady gaga has got skype and it is.......... npbooth and that is the only one that comes up. npboth is the real lady gaga, I have her on skype.

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The answer is Lady Gaga. Why? Because she is Lady Gaga!

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