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he toured there once when he went solo a couple years back

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Q: Has Pete Wentz ever went to Iowa?
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Is pete wentz from Fall Out Boy ever going to divorce Ashlee Simpson because i hope so i want pete wentz?

well yes i hope. pete wentz looks so sad in every picture with her. ashlee got pregnant befor they got married. she was about 6weeks pregnant when they got married. some say she was on birth control but she went of the pill to trap pete. so they got married and pete wentz is a good hearted person and does not want to bring brox into a divorced family! so sadly no.

Did Ashlee Simpson cheat on Pete?

A picture surfaced before her wedding to Pete Wentz of her and another guy. All the gossip sites went crazy posting, "Ashlee cheated on Petewso yes she dis but she keeps saying she is loyal to pete but really. she is not so the answer is "YES"

What is Pete wentz's old band?

There is no certain answer. Before Fall Out Boy, Pete Wentz was in eight (8) other bands, mostly just garage bands.His most significant older band is Arma Angelus, who released studio albums on Let It Burn Records and Eulogy Records. The band was active from 1998 - 2002 and went through many members including current Fall Out Boy members Pete Wentz, Patrick Stump, and Joe Trohman as well as Rise Against frontman Tim McIlrath.

When was Pete Wentz's baby born?

According to reports Ashlee went into labour on Nov 15th. Nothing is official yet, she may or may not have had the baby. Pete did have to cancel his appearance on the final TRL show to be with Ashlee. He did say, however, that when it happens, the internet will know.

Is pete wentz Jewish?

AnswerNo. Pete isn't exactly a christian. But he is Catholic.Which are a lot alike.But don't worry;he doesn't worship Satan or anything.ahhahaha. :]Catholics are Christians. Pete Wentz does not believe in any religion. He said "there is no logical explanation for religion." He is spiritual though.acctually he said that he doesnt know.....he said he thinks jesus was a person and eveything but isn't sure about godwell eneywhoo he is cool, lucky and in a great bandchristianity is like a larger religion, and catholicism is just a smaller part of it. and fall out boy are awesome =]

What nicknames did Pete Kleinow go by?

Pete Kleinow went by Sneaky Pete.

What nicknames did Pete Reiser go by?

Pete Reiser went by Irish.

I am from the UK and i am desperatly trying to find a copy of The Boy with the Thorn in His Side Pete Wentz book. Does anyone have any suggestions on where i can pick up a copy?

I went to the UK version of and found copies of this book, but the listed author was Keith Flemming.

What race is pete wentz?

Pete Wentz is an American musician, actor and author from Chicago. He most well known for being a musician though. Him and his friend Joe trohman formed a band for fun and later on Patrick Stump and Andy Hurley joined. You will proberly know this band, its Fall out boy. Pete was the bassist and lyricist of Fall out boy. In 2009 Fall out boy went on hiatous and Pete is curently in a band called black cards as the bassist again. Fall out boy will probery be getting back togetherin late 2011, early 2012. Pete also has his own brand of clothes and owns a record compeny. He also wrote a book called the boy with the thorn in his side & was in a movie called goodnight moon. He was married to Ashely Simpson (is divorced now) and has a baby boy called Bronx. Oh, did i mention that pete is meag hot? ;)

What nicknames did Pete Candoli go by?

Pete Candoli went by Superman with a Horn.

Did Pete Wentz try to commit suicide?

Yes and No, he was taking medication for panic attacks and he was having an "episode" and took a handful of pills. He then passed out while on the phone with his manager and the manager called his mom who rescued him in a best buy parking lot. No suicide note was ever made and he doesn't like to refer to this event as a suicide attempt-it's really something you'll never know unless you're pete wentz......

What nicknames did Pete Jolly go by?

Pete Jolly went by The Boy Wonder Accordionist.