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Q: Has Loni Anderson ever done a nude scene in a movie?
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Which Bollywood actresses did nude scene?

Mallika Shehrawat has done nude scenes. She has done them for a movie. She is a bold actress.

Has Katie Cleary ever done a nude scene?

yes. In the movie Stripper Academy

Has shilpa shetty ever done a lip to lip kissing scene?

No she has never done any lip locking scene in any movie. She has always played good roles. She mainly focused on her acting.

In which Hollywood movie aishwarya rai given nude scene?

There is no such hollywood movies in which Aishwarya Rai has done any nude scene. It is often not allowed in india and actresses feel reluctant in doing such scenes in movies. Therefore, She has not done any kind of scene like that.

Why does this act start with a grave scene?

In order to answer why this specific act starts with a grave scene, the act would have to be named. If the act were to be named, whether a play or movie, the research could be done to specify why they chose to begin with a grave scene.

What movie was Elvis Presley in and sang the song your so young and beautiful?

I did some research....It was done in the last scene of Jail House Rock....

What does no scene mean?

No scene means something that is done in secret or out of public view. It can also be used to mean something that is done backstage.

Who is the oldest actress to have done a nude scene?

I think it has to be Jessica Tandy in the movie Camila with Bridget Fonda released in 1994. She was 85 years old at the tie

What needs to be done before a crime scene?

A crime

Has Camilla Belle ever done a nude scene?


What do investigators collect in a crime scene?

evidence of who done did it

Has Jennifer Taylor ever done a nude scene?


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