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Mallika Shehrawat has done nude scenes. She has done them for a movie. She is a bold actress.

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2014-12-18 05:14:51
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Q: Which Bollywood actresses did nude scene?
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Which Bollywood actresses have gone nude?

Udita Goswami has gone nude. It was for the movie Murder in a scene. Emraan Hasmi was in the male lead role.

Where can one watch videos of a Bollywood actress that is not nude?

There are lots of places online where someone can find find videos of non nude Bollywood actresses. Some of these places are YouTube and Bollywood hungama.

Nude Bollywood pictures of male actors can be found on which popular websites?

Nude Bollywood pictures of male actors may be found at Boy TGP, Graphics Hunt, Bollywood Mantra, Peperonity, and Bollywood Life. Another site that offers nude Bollywood actor photos is Actors Exposed.

Who is in the nude scene in Scream 4?

There is no nude scene in Scream 4.

Who is the oldest actress to do a nude scene?

Jessica Tandy is the oldest actress to do a nude scene. She was 85 years old at the time of the scene.

Did Paula Prentiss ever do a nude scene?

Yes, in Catch-22 she has a full frontal nude scene.

Who is Bollywood star in accidental nude in live shows answer?

Priyanka chopra

Where is burt lancasters nude scene in the swimmer?

"The Swimmer" (1968) is rated PG. I don't believe there is a nude scene.

In which Hollywood movie aishwarya rai given nude scene?

There is no such hollywood movies in which Aishwarya Rai has done any nude scene. It is often not allowed in india and actresses feel reluctant in doing such scenes in movies. Therefore, She has not done any kind of scene like that.

What does Emma Watson's co-stars think of her doing a nude scene?

She hasn't done a nude scene for the Harry Potter movies, the only 'nude scene' she did was in Ballet Shoes and she was in a bath covered by the water.

Has Sophia Loren ever done a nude scene?

No she did not do a nude film.

Has Bianca Kajlich done a nude scene?

She is nude in 30 Minutes or less. She plays a stripper, and goes topless in a scene with danny mcbride

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