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They are good friends.

In August 2012 Ryan Newman @ryrynewman on twitter answered these questions:

You know Bradley Steven Perry right?

Yes:) our families r very close:D

Do you like Bradley Steven Perry?

He is a close friend of mine:)

Are u going out with bradley steven perry?

Noo we r not haha we r just good friends:)

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11y ago
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Well it is known for a fact G Hannelius had a small crush on Bradley Steven Perry while shooting the first and second episode of Good Luck Charlie together, but soon got over it.

But Bradley Steven Perry only likes G Hannelius as a friend, but in Good Luck Charlie they have crushes on eachother.

To conclude Bradley Steven Perry and G Hannelius are friends.

Gabe and Jo from Good Luck Charlie have crushes on eachother.

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9y ago

no . He dated Ryan Newman but they broke up in early June after she dumped him

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No. They have played together in a few episodes of "Good Luck Charlie" but never actually dated. And Bradley Steven Perry is like 9 inches taller than G Hannelius.

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Q: Has G Hannelius and Bradley Steven Perry ever kissed?
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