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Yes Bradley Steven Perry's bellybutton is a very Deep & very ticklish innie bellybutton

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Q: Is Bradley Steven Perry's belly button an innie?
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Is Bradley steven perry ticklish?

yes he is ticklish. on his feet and armpits but the most on his stomach and belly button .

Is Bradley Steven perry ticklish in his bellybutton?

Yes Bradley Steven perry is very ticklish his ticklish spots are his armpits, feet, stomach and his most ticklish spot is his belly button

Worlds largest belly button?

Steven Hehr - His belly button has been known to hold upward of 1.50 in quarters. In his youth, while lounging in a pool, he would fill his belly button with water and use it as an ash tray. This was before his belly button expanded to it's freakishly large size as can be seen today. If you ever wish to see his naval, all you need to do is ask. He relishes in the attention he gets from his gargantuan crater of a belly button.

Why is your belly button called a belly button?

Because it somewhat resembles a button and it is on your belly.

What did body part did Alfred Hitchcock not have?

He was rumored to not have a belly button.

What is a belly button ring?

A belly button ring is a body piercing placed in a cauterized area of the belly button.

Do boys have different belly buttons than girls?

No, a belly button is a belly button.

Can you pierce your belly button with a belly button ring?


How do you say belly button in french?

le nombril is the name for the belly button in French.

What causes belly button dandruff?

There is no such thing as belly button dandfruff, you probably just need to clean the inside of your belly button.

What is a belly button bar?

Its the jewelry that goes into a belly button piercing.

Which side is your belly button on?

Your belly button is in your middle on the bottom side.