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Kagome's birthday is never explicitly stated in any of the official Inuyasha material (anime or manga), but because she was 15 at the series' start (her 15th birthday is when she first got pulled into the Bone-Eater's Well), her birth year is thought to be 1982.

Speaking astrologically, however, Kagome has more traits in common with a typical Libra than she does with a Virgo: she is sociable and idealistic, somehow manages to charm a lot of people and demons, and is easy-going enough to put up with traveling through Feudal Era Japan where there are no hot showers, indoor Plumbing, or microwaves!

Kagome's also got an issue with procrastination, which we see throughout the series: she puts off going to school, taking tests, and studying for her high school entrance exams in favor of journeying with Inuyasha and the others, even if they don't have a definitive goal at the moment.

Finally, another common Libran trait that Kagome has is how easily she gets influenced. Often throughout the series she's put in a position where she thinks Inuyasha has done something wrong, but she only thinks so because of what she's been influenced to see. Often she doesn't wait for Inuyasha (or anyone else who might have the answer) to explain himself before getting in an "Osuwari!" or two.

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Q: From Inuyasha do you think Kagome is a Libra or Virgo?
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to me i think she strong and kind person and she not libra or virgo

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they think inuyasha is a nice demond/boy and they all love his dog ears ps. [kagome and inuyasha get married in the last of manga]

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Inuyasha will never forget Kikyo. After all, she was his first love. In the manga, kagome decides to live in the past with Inuyasha. I'm not exactly sure, but I think they get married, so yes, Inuyasha does commit to being with kagome.

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when Kaoru Wada wrote it, I think he just called it 'Kagome and InuYasha's Theme'.

You think Kagome's Zodiac Sign is a Libra or Virgo?

I personally think she's either a Leo or a Cancer, leaning towards Leo now--Libras hate conflict and are people-pleasers, so nix that, and Virgos are more reserved She might have some Virgo in her though

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Yes he loves kagome but his first love is kikyo but I think he feels stronger toward kagome Because kagome is always on his side

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i think she will try to but will not succeed...she loves him to much

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Yea, Kagome doesn't see inuyasha for 3 years, and she finishes High school. She goes to the well and somehow gets there, she sees inuyasha and she decides to stay there with him.. Then you see Sota with some of his friends, they say "Hey Sota, you got a pretty sister, right? Introduce us some time." Then Sota says "Na, she got *married* right after high school." Also, this is verified when Kagome calls sesshomaru "big brother" I Love that episode ^_^