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when Kaoru Wada wrote it, I think he just called it 'Kagome and InuYasha's Theme'.

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Kagome's theme song has no particular name. It is just Kagome's theme. They didn't name the song.

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Q: What is the name of Inuyasha's and Kagome's theme?
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No he doesn't. Dissapointing right? If Inuyashas funny in kagomes world then how will koga react? LoLz

What is the episode were Inuyasha first stays at kagomes house?

The first time he stays the night at kagomes house is in episode 82

What is inuyashas full name?

no one really knows. but since his father's name was Inutaisho, and in fanfictions and what not they call InuYasha, InuYasha Taisho. That's my closest offer

Did Inuyasha saw kagomes chest?

yes he did he see the chest.

What episode does inuyasha brake kagomes bike?

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Which inuyasha episode has the tainted jewel shards in kagomes neck?


Who is Kegoma?

its kagome and its the girl who can sense the sacred jewel shards and inuyashas partner

What episode does inuyasha break kagomes bike?

It's episode 60 I think....

Who was Inuyashas first girlfriend?

Well, Inuyasha's first 'Girlfriend' was supposedly Kikyo.

What are all of kagomes kids names?

In the manga and anime, she doesn't have any kids at that point.

Why wont they make more inuyashas after final act?

Because the series is too long to begin with

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one is inuyashas battle with sesshomaru and other battles with naraku